Have You Met Your Strawman?

Meet Your Strawman

So did you get all that?.. Perhaps you need a slower broken down explanation. Here we go…

Lets start with the basics. What is a STRAWMAN and how do we know him when we see him? Simple, a STRAWMAN is a fictitious entity identified by the use of ALL CAPITOL letters. This all capitol letter name exists on everything that you have that is business or Government, just take a look at your:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Drivers License
  • Credit Cards
  • Tax Bills
  • Bank Bills
  • Court papers
  • Car Titles

…and so on.

So where did this STRAWMAN idea come from and why is it important?

Well, the original concept started in ancient Rome. It was called Capitas Maximus Diminutio, which means a person of diminished status or in other words, a SLAVE! Do you consider yourself a slave? Well, if you use your Strawman name with Government or  Banking, then you are considered a slave and a slave has NO rights. Now you understand better why you keep getting screwed over so much!

In fact, the STRAWMAN name is just about everything that you do NOT want to be, like:

  • Debtor
  • Tax Payer
  • Defendant
  • Respondent
  • Driver
  • Mortgagee

and more…

How did this start? That is a bit of a long story, but here is a shorter version.

When you were born, your well meaning mother filled out an application for a Birth Certificate for little ole you. The Hospital then sent that application to the State who then created the Birth Certificate, printed on Bond paper and then actually sold that document to big Banks on Wall Street! No kidding, you will never see your original Birth Certificate because it is in the hands of Bankers. The best that you can do is to have a certified COPY printed on Bank Note Paper. When you look at your Birth Certificate, notice how it looks like a title to property. It looks that way because that is exactly what it is, a title to YOU! Are you starting to understand yet? Without your knowledge or consent, you have been converted into a financial slave. Everything that you own or use with that ALL CAPITOL letter name ties back to the birth certificate and is being liened and traded on Wall Street by Banks and the Government. Pretty clever huh?

If you were created by your mother and the STRAWMAN was created by the Government, then who is responsible for the liabilities of the STRAWMAN?

Well, Government and Banks will have you believe that YOU are responsible, after all, that is your name isn’t it? Well actually, Your name is John Doe, and the STRAWMAN name is JOHN DOE. If the Government created JOHN DOE, then wouldn’t the Government be responsible for the  bills of their property (JOHN DOE)? That’s what the law says. But more on that in a later post.

So if the government created STRAWMAN is a liability, then how do you protect yourself from being misidentified as the STRAWMAN name? That is really the golden question. There are many approaches to regaining your true identity as John Doe, the living person.

  1. Claim your jurisdiction in Common Law
  2. Make a secured party creditor claim on your STRAWMAN
  3. Claim Executor-ship over the dead ALL CAPS NAME and all of it’s dealings

And there are many more methods for reclaiming your freedom from this deceitful and destructive practice of economic slavery.

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